My first book

Guess what? What? The blogs I have written over the past few years have been made into a book. I know. I’m surprised myself!
tales trenches working dad
I write them for my own amusement and to offload.But more importantly to remember.
Having a terrible memory is both a blessing and a curse.
While I can forget the bad stuff I also forget the good stuff. The little things. The stories, events and milestones that occur over the years.
My only regret is that I wish I had started writing these blogs earlier. It would be great to look back on the day of the birth of my sons’. To remember what was going through my head. What the first week, month, year was like. The first step, the first smile, the first time I was puked on in public.  It’s all a distant and relatively vague memory now.
I hope to keep on writing until the day the boys tell me to stop. When they no longer want to read about themselves and their antics online.
But until then I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing. And as many have told me in the past, if you feel like I am writing about you, then you know you are not alone.
We are all just doing our best.
Onwards and upwards.
Here is the Amazon link to the pre release. It would be great if you could share the link and help me spread the word.

Thinking of a present for dad this year? Pre order and have it sent to him as an early Xmas present. I’m sure he will relate to a few of the stories.
Don’t have kindle? No probs you can download the app to your phone in Amazon.
Thanks to Andrea Drew for making it happen.
Happy reading.