To 3 or not to 3 – The Poem

I am the eldest of 4 and the father of 2
A question came up, I’m not sure what to do.
Our peers are announcing baby 3 and 4
It got us thinking are we ready for more.
I’m still reeling from number 1 and 2
Do I really want more nappies and poo
It’s a lot to consider and a lot will change
But I’m experienced now so it’s within my range
If I get stressed I could have a whisky
Actually that’s how it started cause I got too frisky
There’s the nappies, the poos, the wee in the face
The dummies, the rattles and a lot less space
3 weddings, 3 schools 3 mouths to feed
All this money from one little seed
I will need a new car, a new bedroom, a pram
It might be easier if we move to a farm
New toys, new clothes, a new bed to find
I’m freaking out, I must be out of my mind
Ok let’s do it, lets try for one more
Or lets practice at least it’s not much of a chore
We can deal with any issues we can take it all on the chin
Oh sh!t  I forgot what if it is one of a twin.