Cherish4ever: the creation of an app

“Dad, when I’m older do I call you Grandpa?”
It was an innocent question from my youngest, Zak, followed by,
“Dad, it’s hot in here. Can you turn on the hair conditioning?”
2 comments that put a smile on my face and inspired an idea. That was a year ago.
This week a friend, Rod Glance and I, launched cherish4ever. An iPhone app designed to capture and record all those special moments you have in life.

Home Page: cherish4ever

When Zak made those comments I wondered if there was a way I could keep a record or diary of all those special moments in my kids life. I wanted a way to be able to catalogue these memories not just with photos, but with text, video and audio too. I wanted to be able to store these memories in a profile specific to him. To be able to play them back and show them to him when he is older. To maybe one day print a book of all the photos and stories that I collected over the years. And to share specific ones through social media.
And so over a few beers, several curries and a few glasses of single malt, Rod and I came up with cherish4ever.
Cherish4ever allows you to capture memories or stories in 4 ways:
Snap it. Film it. Write it. Say it.
All the capabilities of your phone within one app. With one touch.
The key for us was simplicity. You can very quickly open this app and flow between the different media.
Want to take a picture of your kids at sports day? No problem. Snap it. Want to video your dog as he performs his special trick? Just Film it. Do you want to write down a funny comment you heard from your daughter or partner. Type it in Write it. Maybe you just need a quick audio recording device to record your thoughts. No problem just click on Say it.
Once you have it recorded you save it to you chosen profile.
It can also be used for work. You can record notes about an employee or record milestones on a project. Then share with colleagues.
Health. Want to know if that rash is getting worse? Take a photo each day and play it back. You will soon see.
These were just a few of the possibilities for the app that Rod and I discussed.
From concept to completion the app took nearly a year to create. We had design and development meetings. There were reviews, revisions and rewording. There were graphic designers and copywriters involved. We had input from family and friends. It all came back to the same thing. The easier it is to use the better it will be.
But it doesn’t matter how good the app might be. If no one knows about it then we may as well not have done it.
So if you like the idea and/or the app please help me get this out there. If you know a great way to market this I would love to hear from you. You can email me at
We have other ideas we hope to develop soon. It’s only time and money stopping us!
With some great reviews already in the App Store I am excited to hear your feedback too.
……and if you like it please let others know by commenting on the app store and sharing.